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Electrical Heater

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Electrical Heater

1.5 kW Pressure Switch and Vacuum Switch Heaters 3.0 kW Vacuum Switch Heaters

Specifications: Electrical Heaters
20-5415P, 20-5415V, 20-54151V, 20-5430V, 20-54301V, 20-5430P

Voltage/Current 20-5415 (1)X
Nominal voltage: 240x50/60Hz
Nominal output: 1.5kW
Nominal Current: 6.3A

Voltage/Current 20-5430(1)X
Nominal voltage: 240, 50/60Hz
Nominal output: 3.0kW
Nominal Current: 12.5A 

Activation Pressure
20-54XX (pressure): 2,25 psi
20-54XX(1)V (vacuum): -0,8 psi
Minimum water flow rate: 9m3/h


Operating temperature: Higher than 0°C.
Overheating thermostat: Cutting-out at approx. 50°C.
Automatic reset after disconnection of power for 15 - 30 min.
Temperature control: Preset to 40°C, Automatic, not adjustable. 

Outer tubes and heating element: stainless steel: SUS 304
Tailpiece: PVC
Union nut: ABS
Box with adjustable thermostat: Metal
Box with built-in thermostat: ABS 

Water Quality Requirements
Chloride: Max. 400 mg/l
Chlorine: Max. 2 mg/l
pH value: 7,0 - 7,8 

Length: 1,5kW: 25,5 cm. (incl. tailpiece). 3,0 kW: 33 cm (incl. tailpiece)
Max. height, built-in thermostat: 13,0 cm.
Max. height, adjustable thermostat: 13,7 cm. 

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