Meet the BP501/601

  • Overheat Fault Detection for Runaway Pumps / Stuck Relays
  • Supports up to 5.5 kW Heater (60 Hz)
  • Option to add 2 speed pump 3 
  • Quick heater connect power plug
  • Wi-Fi Ready
  • Based on Balboa's most popular model's
  • Press & Hold Buttons for ease of use

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We listened and we added the new BP501/601 to the popular BP Series of spa controls. Based on the BP500/600, this new model can run up to a 5.5 kW heater (60Hz systems), supports an expander card to run another pump and has multiple panel jacks on the main board.

Includes Balboa's patented overheat Fault Detection for runaway pumps or stuck relays. The new M7 Plus software design incorporates patented technology using a microprocessor to intelligently monitor the hot tub water temperature and detect a runaway pump or stuck relays. If detected, the system will automatically attempt to shut the power off to the tub to prevent any overheating by trying to trip the GFCI in the circuit (per electrical codes). (BP501 only).

For serviceability, the new BP501/BP601 systems include a new single board configuration and have
Balboa’s new quick connect heater system – no more removing heater straps, just unplug the old heater
and plug in a new one.

M7 Application Guidelines

» Heater Installation Guide
» BP501/601 Sell Sheet


  • Wi-Fi Hardware Connections



    The Balboa Water Group Hot Tub application
    for the Android®, iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPad®. More information click here.

    The BP501/601 works with all of Balboa's TP and SpaTouch™ Panels







    *Note: The only exception is the TP200 & TP500 cannot be used with more than 2 pumps.


    Voltage Supply:
    (BP501: 120V or 240V) (BP601: 230V)
    Sensors: M7 patented temperature probes
    Certifications: (BP501: UL recognized) (BP601: NEMKO)
    Spa Lights Controls: 1 Amp Max


    BP501 System Specifications (UL Recognized): Please click here for system specifications >>
    BP601 System Specifications - Single Phase (CE Recognized): Please click here for system specifications >>
  • * = XX represents the latest system revision. (Ex. XX will be replaced by 01, 02, 03 etc.) When an order is placed the latest system will be pulled.

    Note: Refer to tech sheet for optional devices and setups.

    BP Systems Compatibility (CE Expanded)
    System Material No. Circ Pump  Pump      1 Pump 2 Pump
    Pump 4 Blower Power Requirements
    BP200UX 59371-XX Yes Yes Yes
    (with pump expander
    board and no blower)
    No No Yes (with blower expander board and no pump 2)
    Yes (with blower expander board and no pump 2)

    BP6013G1 56611-XX Yes Yes Yes (if no blower) No No Yes (if no pump) 1, 2 and 3 phase connections
    BP6013G2 59126-XX Yes Yes Yes Yes (if no blower) No Yes (if no pump 3) 1 and 3 phase connections
    BP6013G3 59259-XX Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes 1 and 3 phase connections
    BP2100G0 56662-XX Yes Yes Yes No No Yes 1, 2 and 3 phase connections
    BP2100G1 56390-XX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 and 3 phase connections
    BP21P4BC 56626-XX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 and 3 phase connections


    » BP2100G0 Tech Sheet
    » BP6013G1 Tech Sheet
    » BP6013G2 Tech Sheet
    » BP6013G3 Tech Sheet
    » BP2100G1 Tech Sheet (German)
    » BP21P4BC Tech Sheet
    » BP100UX Tech Sheet

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