Circ Pump


Premium Performance for the Ultimate Spa Experience.

Engineered for reliability and innovation, the Circ Pump is a silent running, high performance, economical pump. The 50Hz compact Circ Pump makes it ultra easy to install in any configuration since space is at a premium. Not only is the Circ Pump energy saving, it maintains the water circulating temperature. 

Ease of installation, silent running, economic and highly efficient, our Circ Pump provides significant advantages for your spa.  


» 1031030 Circ Pump Sell Sheet
» 1031030 Circ Pump Manual

Circ Pump Curve and Dimensions

Blue Line = 1031030 Pump

The Perfect Complement

Cool to the Touch


When used together, the Circ Pump is the perfect complement to
M8's sophisticated technology. By reducing the time your pumps will need to run,
they will last longer, consuming less power, while maintaining the spa's desired temperature for use at any given time.
Unlike other Circ Pumps on the market today, Balboa's new Circ Pump
will stay cool to the touch, while delivering the minimum flow required to ensure that your heater never runs dry. 


Buttress Thread 

O-Ring mounted on union
92015M 50 mm I.D.
92015N 1.5” I.D.


The Circ Pump needs to be installed close to the heater and preferably upstream. 

Circ Pump

Material No.
Power (Out)
Hz Amp Bulk Pallets
1031030 60W 220 – 240V 50hZ 0.8A
of 75 each only*


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